Minimalist Tiny Homes: Less Stuff, More Living

Sustaining a smaller home, reducing your spending - creates more space. Space for chasing your passions, dreams and prioritizing self over material possessions. 

Why Van Life?

"Van Life" or "DIY Campervans" are somewhat of a middle ground between RVs and tiny homes on wheels (THOWs):

  • Enable Customization like Tiny Homes - DIY builds reflect their owners

  • Insurance simplicity similar to RVs (commercial insurance covers most van builds, THOWs can get more complex)

Van Dwelling has one important added benefit, from our perspective, over RVs and other Tiny Homes - total foot print. It's hard to park your tiny home or RV in the streets of a city when you are passing through. Commercial vans blend in and can fit in many standard parking spots, unlike trailers. Parking in a friend's driveway wasn't possible when we lived in a 5th wheel trailer. 

Live to Work? Or Work to Live?

Houses are bigger than ever. More expensive than ever. Loaded with more belongings than ever before. We've been programmed to consume, purchase happiness. You need to buy more. You'll be happier if you own that new widget. This is only one template for life. 

Societal norms direct us to live the largest lives we can "afford". What's the maximum budget. We build lives that require full time, or multiple full time jobs to sustain. 

What if you sold, donated, threw out the items you haven't used in recent years? What if you only bought & kept items that were deeply important to you?


Would you really miss much, if you downsized?
What possibilities open up when you create the space?

We took our downsize and transition to van life in steps. Not every step is easy or fun - but the further down our downsizing journey we got the more joy we felt. We've learned the subtle art of not giving a f%$k. Not all people understand or can relate to the path we are taking in our lives. Societal pressures aren't important. A person can only care so much about so many things. We're making the choices that make sense for us.

What Living Tiny Has Done for Us

As of July 2019, we are 17 months and 78,000km of travel into our home on wheels adVANture. We’ve learned so much about ourselves, each other and the world of possibilities if you leave let go of convention.

Since selling most of our possessions and moving into the van February 2018, we have explored, learned about ourselves, each other and our desires for the future. We have also founded a business together and building careers into off grid capabilities for land & water. Traveling coast to coast in Canada and the US, meeting kindred spirits and worldly travelers - V&M vanlife has given us the clarity needed to focus on what matters most to us.

Building a life we don’t need a vacation from.

When you love your work - it doesn’t drain you. Lithium batteries create new levels of capabilities for off grid electrical systems. In a culmination of Raynor’s skillset - Ray Outfitted offers customizable off grid electrical systems for RV/recreation, exploration, tiny homes and boats. The continuous learning, unique challenges of each project and the diverse clients bring personal fulfillment. Still a young company, tiny living gives us the ability to invest into our business and live off less.

We are all a little weird and
Life's a little weird,
And when we find someone whose
Weirdness is compatible with ours,
We join up with them and fall in
Mutual weirdness and call it Love.
Robert Fulghum