V & M Van Life

We sold our possessions. We bought a van. Upfitted it in 36 days. #vanlife

On the road since 2/26/2018
Over 75,000km driven
1 Major “Break Down” - Had to replace the back doors

Welcome to this newly wed couple's tiny living adventure - where we share lessons from the road. We desire to inspire & support more people choosing alternative living styles. We are inspired by everyone living their lives to the fullest and not letting fear of the unknown slow them down. It's a joy to be part of the #vanlife and campervan community. Thanks for being part of our adVANture. 

DIY Sprinter Van Life

Who is V & M?
Vickers & McNair are Canadians who’ve spent the majority of their marriage living in a van, documenting their tiny living experience. 

Our story
When we met, we both owned homes uncomfortably large for our finanicals and were both working hard to maintain the lifestyle society said would make us happy. Moving in together was the start of our downsizing and journey to tiny living.  Now, we've got roughly 80sqft of living space - and an ever changing backyard. 

Drawn to alternative housing and living a simpler life to make room for work life balance and time in nature. While there are urban van dwellers - we are more at home in nature.

Happiness isn't a state of being, rather a temporary feeling that comes from solving problems. More and more, we think that's the secret to tiny living: An endless string of problems you can solve and feel good about. Everyday victories are our key to happiness.

Canadian Tiny Home Dreams - DIY Campervan Travel


Raynor is a licensed mechanic by trade, recently working in the marine industry after over 15 years in automotive. Raynor converted our van almost entirely on his own. With a passion for supporting Canadian DIY’ers tiny home projects, he founded Ray Outfitted.


 Madison discovered her love of travel on a solo trip to Tokyo celebrating her 16th birthday.  She's since wandered and wander-lusted as her corporate career developed. Stress and burn out motivated Madison to find a path away from the corporate “9to5” hussle. As a recovering workaholic, Madison is on a journey of discovery. You can follow along her tails from the road on Instagram @vandmvanlife