Living in a Van in Canada

Jasper National Park, Winter Campground, December 2018

Jasper National Park, Winter Campground, December 2018

V & M Van Life

We live in a van to give ourselves mobility. Mobility for our careers and personal lives. It didn’t make sense to try and stay in one town anymore. M was flying all over for her consulting business or working from home, isolated. V was commuting long distances or paying for short term housing to be able to take skill building jobs and career opportunities. For V&M vanlife in Canada made sense - live together, travel together, build careers together - spend our lives together.

We shed most of our possessions. We bought a van. Upfitted in 36 days.
#vanlife Canada.

On the road since 2/26/2018
Over 75,000km driven

The projects & van maintenance never ends. Nor does the adVANture.


Canadian DIY Sprinter Van Life

Living in a van in Canada, many are surprised to hear that we find the Winter extreme cold easier to manage than the extreme Summer heat. Did you know that Canada created the Humidity Index? Canadians, particularly in Ontario, tackle summertime highs with up to 90% humidity. The biggest challenge for living in a van in Canada is that humidity: the overnight temperature doesn’t drop, making it sometimes hard to sleep. It stays hot & sticky all night during heat waves.

Living in a van in Canada, you experience the seasons to their fullest. You are more connected to the weather and the region you are in. We really appreciate being grounded to mother nature in this way. Winter van life in Canada has a different pace and vibe to it and with two Canadian vanlife winters behind us, and our third winter coming soon - we’re starting to think Winter might be our favourite time to explore.

Canadian Winters: RV and Van Life

In Canada, winter van dwelling includes challenges like:

  • Sunset as early as 3pm

  • Lows of -40c/-40f

  • Parking restrictions and closures of rest tops, parks and camping sites

In Canada, winter van dwelling includes benefits like:

  • Snow sports

  • Winter wildlife & nature - you don’t know a place until you know all it’s seasons

  • Ability to travel to as many holiday parties as your heart desires and never need a DD.

    Canadian Van Life: Four Season Living

    For the past two winters, we have explored Canadian winter wonderland and given ourselves a winter holiday to the Southern US. For the 2019/2020 Winter we might be going to Mexico for an adVANture. In our experience, finding the joy of Winter has been a wonderful gift - thanks to our van life. However, it’s important to acknowledge the challenges of a small home in a cold climiate. Some time out of the van, or taking the van to a warmer climate for a period of time provides boost - we all know the winter blues can happen.

Who is V & M?
Vickers & McNair are Canadians who’ve spent the majority of their marriage living in a van, documenting their tiny living experience. 

Our story
When we met, we both owned homes uncomfortably large for our finanicals and were both working hard to maintain the lifestyle society said would make us happy. Moving in together was the start of our downsizing and journey to tiny living.  Now, we've got roughly 80sqft of living space - and an ever changing backyard. 

Drawn to alternative housing and living a simpler life to make room for work/life balance and more time in nature. While there are urban van dwellers - we are happiest among trees, lakes, mountains and open fields.

Happiness isn't a state of being, rather a temporary feeling that comes from solving problems. More and more, we think that's the secret to joy in tiny living: An endless string of problems you can solve. Everyday victories are our key to happiness.

Canadian Tiny Home Dreams - DIY Campervan Travel


Raynor is a licensed mechanic by trade, recently working in the marine industry after over 15 years in automotive. Raynor converted our van almost entirely on his own. With a passion for off grid electrical systems and working with DIY’ers Ray Outfitted.


 Madison discovered her love of travel on a solo trip to Tokyo celebrating her 16th birthday.  She's since wandered and wander-lusted as her corporate career developed. Stress and burn out motivated Madison to find a path away from the corporate “9to5” hussle. As a recovering workaholic, Madison is on a journey of discovery. You can follow along her tails from the road on Instagram @vandmvanlife