Campervan Tiltable Solar Rack

Raynor designed and custom fabricated our tilting solar array. It has six 160w panels charging three 200ah AGM batteries. The ladder was also custom fabricated. Note: Our Sprinter didn’t come with the roof rails and we avoided that expense for this build.

Why did we want a tiltable solar panel for our van?

The tilt helps a lot in regions where the sun isn't as strong or you get partial shade regularly. It also helps reduce heat transfer in the summer months. Living in Canada, our build largely focused on preparing for winter life. The 45 degree angle of the tilt gives us enhanced charging capabilities in the Canadian winter months.

Since transitioning to life on the road, we’ve founded Ray Outfitted. We travel across Canada working fellow Canadian adventurers. Visit to learn more about our electrical, solar, lithum and custom fabrication work.

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