Evolution of Ray Outfitted Tilting Roof Racks

Tilting Solar Array for Campers

Tilting solar panels on a off grid campervan setup improves output and allows you to maximize the solar power available. This is particularly helpful in less than ideal solar conditions including Coastal and Northern regions. In our first 14 months and 75,000km of travel, we’ve also enjoyed the benefits the tilt provides in reducing heat transfer into the van. For hotter climates this benefit is furthered by having the panels tilt away from sliding doors - allowing shade inside your rig.

We built our first tilting solar array before founding Ray Outfitted. We’ve since made upgrades to the design and functionality. Spring 2019 we began fabricating customized solar racks to clients, mounting to factory roof rails for clients. *Ray Outfitted cannot ship or install in the USA. Contact Ray Outfitted for services in Canada.

Campervan Tiltable Solar Rack

Campervan Tilting Solar Array Options

For our conversion camper, at the time of building, we maximized our solar capabilities by building an array that sits above our roof vents. This enables vents to be open while the solar panels are in the flat position and gives storage area while eliminating shadows on panels (from roof vent hoods or storage bins).

Since designing, fabricating and traveling extensively with our rig - we’ve upgraded to Steel-It coating and assisted lift for tilting. For clients we have made custom verisons to suit their roof layouts and panels.

Since transitioning to life on the road, we’ve founded Ray Outfitted. We travel across Canada working fellow Canadian adventurers. Visit www.RayOutfitted.com to learn more about our electrical, solar, lithum and custom fabrication work.

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