Small Home

Typically, a small home is classified as between 400 and 1,000sq ft.

Our first downsize was moving in together, into a property in central Ontario, Canada. 

Combining our possessions was one step. Reducing and selling off the surplus was another. We continued to pair down and let go of non-valued items as we planned moving to even smaller places. 

Living in a Smaller Home is Better

  • Less to Heat & Cool
  • Less to Clean & Maintain
  • Less to furnish & fill with stuff
  • Smaller spaces cost less to upgrade 
  • Lower Utility Bills
  • Lower Property Care Costs
  • Easier & Less Time Consuming to Maintain
  • Less Expenses, Lower Purchase Prices
  • Less Debt (Mortgage)

If less of your time was needed to earn money for housing, or more of your earnings could be spent on non-housing costs - what would you do with the time/money?