DIY Camper Van: Product Recommendations

Keep electrical accessible. Don't bury it behind insulation. Plan for repairs. 

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V&M Van Life designed by Ray Outfitted

Research & Product Selection

The process of designing and building a custom campervan requires significant research and planning. Some highly detailed websites that we recommend:


Used in our Build & Would Repeat

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Maxxair Fans: These two way fans are a must have in any van build. We have two - one over our bed and one by our cook area. Pulling air out over your cook area is very helpful. For keeping the van cool, having one pull air in and the other pull out provides great air flow.

ARB 50 Quart Fridge: We are thrilled with our slide out fridge. We also purchased ARB's slide for this fridge, since we were pressed for time so couldn't fabricate our own. 

Front and Rear Dash Cam: This system allows us to record behind and in front of us. Aside from insurance benifits, it also makes lane changing and parking easier!

Mobile Signal Booster: This is a must for digital nomads and those wanting to stay connected on the road. Often it takes us from no signal to LTE.

Composting Toilet: Never thought we'd be talking about a toilet so much. Compared to dealing with black tanks, this is a dream. Van life without a toilet involves shovels and planning stops. We love the freedom. Highway rest stops are a great place for emptying the jugs. 

Prep Sink as a Van Life Sink: We were worried it would be too small but we are thrilled to have the counter space. Washing our dishes hasn't been an issue.

Dimmable Puck Lights: These 12V soft white lights have been fantastic. They were easy to install and don't provide harsh lighting. 

Storage Bins: We opted for bins rather than cupboards for keeping clothes organized. These ones were a great size, many we found were a bit too large. 

Solar Panels: We took a risk, with the cost and limited access to products in Canada, with these unreviewed solar system. We upgraded the solar controller, rather than use the one provided. For 12 months, this system has been treating us well.

Upgraded Solar Controller: This is the MPPT controller we used instead of the one that came with our solar system. 


LCD Monitor Mount: This dual pivot mount has impressed us on rough roads and met all our geeky needs.

Push Button Drawer Locks: We got lots of questions about securing drawers and cupboards while driving. We use these push button locks - they have been excellent. These from aren't top quality and we recommend buying extras as some fail. Alternatively, Lee Valley has high grade ones.

Best Van Life Towels: These towels pack small, are large enough to use as a beach towel, soak up water like crazy and are designer for easy hanging. Highly reccomend. 


  • Foamite is a Ontario based company that makes custom mattress, cushions, etc. They made us a mattress to our very specific specs. With 45 types of foam, we recommend checking them out if you need custom sized foam.

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