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V&M towing the Ray Outfitted trailer across Canada.

V&M towing the Ray Outfitted trailer across Canada.

Analog Nomad - Mobile Mechanic - Ray Outfitted

We’re on an adVANture to dial into work/life/travel balance.

Raynor and I founded Ray Outfitted after our first three months living in our DIY Sprinter campervan. Filled with passion for tiny and simplified living and we have been traveling across Canada offering Raynor’s expertise and experience in automotive & marine mechanics and off grid electrical systems. More recently, Ray Outfitted has focused on lithium (LiFeP04) electrical systems and the custom fabrication of solar arrays.

For Raynor and I personally this business is the definition of building a life you don’t need a vacation from. Our clients and projects surprise and delight us. Ray Outfitted continues to deepen in expertise, expand in industry knowledge and grow the number of Ray Outfitted vans, boats and RVs enjoying life off grid in Canada.

We sent out in our van to find what would bring us long term joy. We found the clarity we sought and are thrilled to be investing in our future and the future of our business.

Recent Projects by Ray Outfitted

The adVANture continues

Raynor and I are taking possession of a property this Fall that will provide a home base for ourselves and Ray Outfitted (we’ll also be seeking “property mates” - our version of housemates). We’re priorizing our business and the future it could provide over distance of travel moving forward.

We will continue to travel to clients across Canada for projects, but will keep returning to this centrally located home base in Ontario and work for Ray Outfitted. It’s uncharted waters for us! We’ll be looking for the balance between a region based business model and the nomadic approach we enjoy. Our mobility allows us to chase incredibile opporunities we’d otherwise miss out on. Our van will continue to allow us to travel to client’s projects. This home base location will provide access to beautiful Ontario Cottage country, waterways including Georgian bay, Trent-Severn and the Muskoka Lakes. We are excited for this new chapter and our new offerings to support our clients off grid adventures - on the road and on the water in more ways than ever before.

Ontario cottage country has a seasonal demand for marine mechanics and we will be offering onsite marine mechanic services in the Southern Georgian Bay and District of Muskoka. With a passion for off grid electrical, solar and lithium solutions - our dream is to bring more off grid capabilities to more boaters, cottagers, travelers and Green-minded people. Our dream is a life filled with unique projects that bring our clients closer to their off grid goals.

Contact us through the Ray Outfitted Website with your project specifics for an estimate. We tackle projects of all sizes and would be thrilled to bring our van to your project.

Ray Outfitted Trailer

Unless required for the specific project, the Ray Outfitted trailer will remain at “home base”. The V&M van garage has been adjusted to contain the tools needed for our most common projects. Eliminating the tow from our onsite travels is better for everyone. We are all about continuous learning and improvement.

A special thank you to all our clients

thank you for the opportunity to work with you.

Your project is our passion. Like what we’re doing? We offer referral credits and welcome opportunities to network and grow our business. Please feel welcome to contact us with your suggestions.