V&M DIY Campervan:

Off Grid Adventure Rig Outfitted for 4 Season Living

V&M Van Life started with a dream of location independence and travel. Through the build process and early travels, this journey of self discovery has resulted in the founding of Ray Outfitted and the sale of everything that doesn’t fit in our van and utility trailer. Where this adVANture will take us? No one knows.

DIY Conversion 2017 Mercedes Benz 170 WB

Build Prep: 11/17 -01/18
Build Time: 01/15/18- 02/26/18
Distance Traveled (as of 10/2018): 42,000km

DIY 2017 Sprinter Conversion

Build Specs: DIY 4 Season Adventure Rig

  • 2017 Mercedes Benz 2500 170 WD, High Roof

  • Insulation: Rigid Foam, Spray Foam, Air Gap & Reflectix

  • Solar: 960 Watt Solar Array, on a tiltable rack.

    • Tip: Canadian winters have poor sunlight. To boost solar charging, tilt your panels at a 45 degree angle.

  • Inverter: 3,000w pure sine inverter

  • Battery Bank: Three 200 amp hr AGM batteries, charged by solar and ACR. Travel with backup shore power charging capability.

  • Electrical Usage: Induction Cooktop, Instant Pot, Desktop Computer, Ultra Wide Screen Monitor, Kettle, Toaster, Milk Steamer, Fridge, Lights, Device Charging & misc.

  • Water System: Six 5 gallon fresh water jugs, Two 5 gallon grey jugs

  • Bed: Fixed bed, Queen size

  • Circulation: 2 Maxx Air Fans and 2 wall mounted 12V fans

  • Bathroom: Nature's Head Composting toilet

  • Other Features:

    • Complete work station/office setup - computer, monitor, desk space

    • WiFi and 4G Signal Boosters

    • Self Rescue Kit

    • Motorcycle

Winter Ready DIY Camper Conversion - Build Photos

Timelapse of Canadian DIY Sprinter Adventure Rig & Camper


In the course of 36 days, Raynor took our Sprinter from empty shell to 4 season van build. Ray worked solo on almost the entire van and captured a majority of the build with a GoPro.